W-2 eFiling

AATRIX eFile: The BEST way to eFile your forms.

Aatrix W2 & 1099 eFiling Service

The Aatrix W-2 eFiling Service works with virtually any payroll software. Simply use a spreadsheet (CSV or tab delimited file) exported from your payroll software to load your employee data, eFile your Federal, State, or supported Local copies. Your employee copies will be mailed directly to them as well as have them posted to a secure website.

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*The Software is FREE and is available to Windows users. There is no obligation to eFile.

You don't pay to download the software, only to eFile. Enroll for eFiling while downloading the software or enroll after you have tried the software to obtain a username and password.

Pricing Information

Complete W-2 Service (Only $1.99 per employee)

    • Employee W-2s printed, mailed and posted online for employee access.
    • eFile Federal W-2s and W-3.
    • eFile State W-2s and required reconciliation form.
    • Print employer copies. (Employer copies are printed by customer)

Other W-2 Services

Express W-2 eFile Service
Files Federal W-2s, State W-2s and provides employee W-2s on-line via a secure website $0.99/employee
Federal & State
W-2s are eFiled to state and federal agencies $0.99/employee
Federal Only
eFile federal W-2s and fed W-3 $0.49/employee
State Only
eFile state W-2s and corresponding state W-3 $0.69/employee
Local W-2 eFile Service
eFile supported local W-2s in combination with any eFile option $0.69/employee
*$24.95 minimum applies to all W-2 fillings
*All eFilings are paid with a major credit card at time of eFiling.