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ACA Filing Made Simple From Business, Home or Remote Office

Aatrix allows businesses to eFile ACA (1095) from virtually anywhere you have access to your payroll data.

  • Aatrix ACA PREPARER Software is FREE.
  • Enrollment is FAST & EASY!
  • Supports 1095/1094 B & C filings.

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Get Started Today! Account Enrollment is FAST & EASY

  • Enrollment takes just seconds. Enrollment is FREE.
  • Immediate access to complete your ACAs (1095s).
  • No obligation to file.

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Next Day* Mailing Services

  • Print and mail employee copies the next business day or choose your desired mail date.
  • All required State and Federal copies are eFiled in guaranteed compliance with each taxing authority.
  • Employer copies are maintained in a secure history file.

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 * Next day feature is defined as next business day and is subject to acts of nature or other unforeseen factors.

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Aatrix ACA COMPLETE eFile Service - $2.19 per employee

  • Employee 1095's are printed and mailed and hosted securely online for immediate access. 
  • Federal (1094) form eFiled to the IRS.  
  • Includes State filing, if required.

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 Aatrix COMPLETE eFile Service - $2.19 Per Employee

  • Employee Copies Mailed & Hosted Online
  • Federal Forms eFiled To The IRS
  • State Forms eFiled, If Required.


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Online ONLY eFile Service - 99¢ Per Employee

  • Employee Copies Hosted Online
  • Federal Forms eFiled To The IRS
  • State Forms eFiled, If Required.

Federal ONLY eFile Service - 49¢ Per Employee 

  • Federal Forms eFiled To The IRS
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$24.95 minimum applies to all filings. $14.95 minimum applies to all correction filings submitted after the Federal and/or State forms have been processed.


aatrix_customer_support_icon.png Superior Support Provided Free

Professional support available via chat, email, and phone to assist businesses in completing W2/1099/ACA year-end filing with confidence.

Aatrix eFile Service is so intuitive and simple to use, most of our customers do not utilize support. If you need assistance, Aatrix is prepared to ensure your filing is completed accurately and on time.


Millions Securely Filed Annually

Aatrix is an industry leader and has been processing W2/1099/ACA's since 1989.

Over 300,000 businesses use the Aatrix payroll reporting solution in the United States and Canada.

We are committed to creating and maintaining the most stringent controls needed to ensure the highest quality and security of services that we provide our customers.


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How do I know if I need to report?

Below you will find some tools to help you discern if your company needs to comply with ACA reporting.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Full-Time Employee Calculator

We have provided a monthly calculator for you.
To aid in determining if your company is required to report under the
Affordable Care Act (ACA), the following information is required.

***This is not intended as tax advice and you should consult your accountant or HR Specialist to confirm these results.***

What type of health coverage is sponsored by your company?


Are you part of an Aggregated Group?



Previous year's average monthly employee count
Previous year's average monthly total hours worked by part-time employees
Total Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
For more information: Read about Seasonal Workers »
Forms Required


Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Chart

Use the chart and/or calculator to quickly determine which forms you need to file.

  Fully Insured Self-Funded
  < 50 FTE's > 50 FTE's < 50 FTE's > 50 FTE's
Form(s) to employees  No reporting requirements 1095-C
(Parts I & II only)
1095-B 1095-C
(All Parts)
Form(s) to IRS  No reporting requirements  1094-C
(with copies of all forms 1095) 
(with copies of all forms 1095) 
(with copies of all forms 1095) 


What information is reported?

Employers (your customers) need to be tracking all of the data they will need to report in January on a monthly basis, at an employee level. This includes:

  • Total employee count & Full time employee count
  • Employee ID, name, and address
  • Health coverage offered
  • Employee share of the monthly premium (for lowest-cost self-only minimum coverage)
  • Months the employee was enrolled in employer coverage
  • Affordability safe harbor information
  • If self-insured, information about covered individuals in plan

Read more about Reporting Information »

When are the ACA forms due? 

Below you will find the ACA Reporting Deadlines for 2022.

Due Date Requirements
Mar 1, 2023* 1095-Bs / 1095-Cs due to employees
Feb 28, 2023 1095-Bs / 1095-Cs and 1094-B / 1094-C paper filing due to IRS
Mar 30, 2023** 1095-Bs / 1095-Cs and 1094-B / 1094-C eFile due to IRS

*Submit filing by 3:00pm CST on Mar 1, 2023 to guarantee compliance.
**Submit filing by 3:00pm CST on Mar 30, 2023 to guarantee compliance.

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